On February 15 and 16, the second meeting of TRITIUM partners was held in the ALERTA2 building of the Environmental Radioactivity Laboratory of the University of Extremadura, LARUEX, in Cáceres, with significant assistance from all of them.

The meeting began with a visit to the facilities of the aforementioned LARUEX, showing all its capabilities in environmental radiological protection, radioecology and in the design and management of automatic early warning networks.

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Work sessions were then developed, divided into three aspects. The first session focused on administrative aspects, reviewing the status of each of the partners and analyzing the existing difficulties and the rules to follow to make a correct justification of our activities and expenses.

The other two sessions were devoted to scientific aspects of the project. In the first one, each partner presented their capabilities and activities already carried out within the project to date. The second one, already on the morning of the 16th, was devoted entirely to the presentation of proposals for the development of the project for the coming future, this year, all discussed in depth by all partners, analyzing their feasibility, the needs of Coordination and concluding with the priority objectives to be met by next autumn.

Finally, it was concluded that we would be convening an upcoming meeting, expected to take place next September in the CNRS Délégation Aquitaine de Bourdeaux, France.


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